It wasn’t until I put myself in circles of like-minded women along the same path who “get it” and truly understood and supported what I was going through - that my business and life started to transform.

Through support, accountability, collaboration, and mentorship, I knew I wanted to create a community with deeper connections that we all crave.

I support entrepreneurs in creating deep connections, to themselves and to their clients/audiences through social media and community events.

Entrepreneurship can feel like an emotional roller coaster and lonely at times.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur who has built multiple 0-figure failures to 7-figure businesses, from real estate to beauty to wine.

Hi, I’m Kristine K Munro

After working with me, my community has expressed feeling more connected to themselves by releasing blocks that were holding them back. 

“Kristine made me feel like I had a gift I needed to share with the world. I walked away feeling like I truly had something to share & that is something I will hold onto forever.”

Ashley Breland

“Kristine helped me identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, and to break through patterns that were holding me back.”

Yazmin Fernandez

“I can absolutely say Kristine helped up my game.”

Victoria Stitt